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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 2, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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temperatures so low a freeze warning in parts of the bay area this morning. folks braved the bitter cold scraped frost off windows and if they want to burn wood today, they have to think again. >> that's because wood burning is banned today because it's a winter spare the air day. >> let's look live outside rite now at the beautiful sky. clear and cold. the type of chill that poses a danger to people, pets and plants. >> let's begin with the latest
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from mike nicco. >> this morning temperatures, a lot of us below freezing. palo alto, 29 along with concord. 26 in napa. 27 in santa rosa. almost freezing in san rafael. in oakland, 32 degrees this morning. winds are light. that was one of the key ingredients. also the dry air. just look how nasty the air looks over the north bay that's where we have our worst air quality now. that's one of the reasons why we're under a spare the air alert today. we'll also if you look at the forecast for tomorrow be under one and also as we head towards sunday. it isn't often that we get below freezing temperatures in the bay area. people are bundling up and doing their best to stay warm without adding to air pollution worries. amy hollyfield has more. >> looking at this gorgeous view this is what they're trying to protect.
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this air. they say it has to be a spare the air day today. they can't have you lighting fires because the soot just makes it difficult to breathe. today is cold and dry, and it is a spare the air day. when the temperature drops so low there's frost on the roof staying inside with a fire in the fireplace sounds like a cozy idea. but unfortunately these cool dry conditions prohibit that. it's a spare the air day, so firewood is not a hot commodity on this cold day. >> that sometimes becomes a little tricky. we doubled our orders, we're going through a lot of them. >> you put down ground cover like this the frost forms on the cover not the plants. as for people who have to work outside they need a lot of cover, too. >> today is easily the coldest it's been. not too bad. i've been doing this five years, so i come well prepared. i heard a lot of people saying
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it's cold outside. >> steve ortega works in the receiving department at whole foods in san rafael, he says he is doing what he can to fight off the cold. >> go inside a bit, always try to stay as warm as possible. >> eric powell was enjoying his walk in the cold this morning. he points out it is all relative. >> some think it's very cold, chilly and everything. i disagree. mir son lives in alaska, for a year. it's cold up there. this is nice weather. i'm from the east coast. if you get caught lighting a fire today it will cost you. the fines range from $100 to $500. $500. >> amy, thank you. you can keep tabs on the big chill with the abc 7 news weather app. it's free to download from apple's app store or google play.
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there was a long line of undocumented immigrants braving the cold in san jose this morning for their first chance to get driver's licenses. it's because of a new california law. >> reporter: this is one of three dmv processing centers in the state where undocumented immigrants do not need an appoint appointment. they can come right in and fill out the paperwork. dmv hired extra staffers and they're prepared. a line stretched around the dmv licensing processing center in san jose. roughly 60 or so braving cold temperatures that lingered in the 30s this morning. this is the first day that undocumented immigrants in california can apply for a state driver's license. the idea is to make the roads safer, and allow them to get
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insurance benefits. this couple were the first in line. >> we got here at 3:30 in the morning. we wanted to be one of the first, i guess. we were expecting a lot of people to be here. we're blessed he got his driver's license. >> rosilio got a temporary license today. he already had an out of state license. he was only required to pass the written portion of the test. opponents forgot against this new law in the legislature. critics concerned about the ability to confirm a person's identity and that this could be rewarding people who are here illegally. first-time applicants have been required to prove social security numbers. now -- >> one license, one identity, one record. >> california joins nine other states allowing an immigrant to acquire a drivers license. the written test is offered in spanish but applicants must
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prove they understand road signs in english. on the peninsula, redwood city police are investigating a crash after a car went flying into a restaurant. sky 7-hd was over the scene on middlefield roadnd and douglas avenue this happened shortly after 8:00 this morning. the driver of the gray sedan lost control after getting into an accident with another car. here is a look at the damage from the ground. it took out a huge chunk of the wall. one of the drivers was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay. we have developing news. search crews have recovered the bodies of an additional 1 airasia crash systems. that brings the total number to 30. according to an indonesian navy official, five of the victims were found still trapped in their seat many of the bodies found today were spotted by a u.s. navy ship. the passenger plane crashed into the java sea on sunday with 162
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on board. four victims have been identified and returned to family the including a flight attendant and an 11-year-old boy. it's the middle of the flu season. we're waiting to get the latest figures from the cdc, already the government says this year's outbreak has reached epidemic levels. at least 15 children have died. matt has the latest. >> in the latest report the california department of health says the activity is low but increasing. flu season is in high gear, already declared an epidemic by the cdc. earlier this week the cdv reported high flu activity in 22 states. >> it starts in the southeast, the east, everywhere from there. we just had holiday vacation. speem spread the flew. >> with the flu vaccine less
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effective than desired hospitals are preparing. >> i'm sick right now. i got the flu, i think. >> a growing practice called tele medicine is helping people get seen by a physician without going to the doctor's office. >> we can see they're not in any acute distress, and we can treat them the same way i would treat them if they came into the office. >> if you get the flu don't wait long to begin your treatment since anti-flu medications only work if started in the first two days. >> thank you very much. napa residents are hoping police can find out who vandalized the city's moose tree. somebody cut off a piece of wood shaped as a moose head and painted a smiley face. here is what it used to look like. the moose head was painted for
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various causes, includeing marriage equality. napa residents say they can't believe somebody would do this to the popular tree. planes are a hot bed for germs. we shine a light on the biggest risk to your health and unveil three tricks to avoid getting sick. >> and a world tour stops in san jose. how the city is bringing ancient
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breaking news now. the u.s. is imposing sanctions on north korea in retaliation for the cyberattack against zone sony pictures. new this morning, you're looking at the scene of a huge car pile up in new hampshire this happened on internatestate 39 in ashland. a sudden burst of snow blinded drivers. one car got pinned underneath a tractor trailer and caught fire. 35 vehicles were involved. that's lot. no word on how many people were hurt. the area has since reopened. a veteran flight attendant is exposing the dirty secrets of the airlines. the woman who has been flying the sky for 20 years says planes can make you sick.
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an auburn university study suggests that bacteria that can cause infections, pneumonia and death can survive on planes for up to a week with an estimated 2 million americans flying daily. how can you stay healthy? the veteran flight attendant has this advice, avoid the exit row seats. that area is the coldest on any plane. only use an airline blanket if it's wrapped in plastic. the ones not wrapped are not washed. and bring something to disinfect the tray table. gma reports some people change their baby's dirty diapers on the trays. >> really? >> yeah. >> okay. disinfectant disinfectant. >> there are great ways to kick off 2015 in the bay area. >> a blend of impressive acrobatics and classical chinese dance will delight audiences this weekend. the world tour stops at the
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center for performing arts in san jose. colorful costumes and a live orchestra will transport you back 5,000 years. just a few more days before they flip the switch at oakland zoo. zoo lights has been a favorite holiday tradition for families. in case you missed it the animal themed light show goes on through sunday. grab your tiaras and the balloons. the pirate and princess adventure is coming this sunday. the tour wouldn't be complete without a sing-along with mickey mini and special effects. disney is the parent company of abc 7. for more information go to our website at abc7 lots of fun. mike nicco ahead with the friday forecast. and newcomers on the nfl's biggest day. who is joining the power players in advertising and how much money they're handing over to make a name for themselves. >> and get an inside look at
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a texas gas station is one person's winning lane to becoming a whole lot richer. a lotto texas winner was sold there for $14 million. the gas station owner also get a cash bonus for making that winning sale. big bucks may come in hand
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doctor for those looking to advertise during the super bowl. the price will be $4 million. carnival cruise line is looking to drum up pr by letting fans vote online for their favorite spot. believe it or not, skittles has never tasted the rainbow on the world's largest advertising stage until now. >> >> gloves may come in handy on a day like this when your hands are cold. >> definitely gloves this morning. again you'll need them tomorrow morning. we'll have a chance of freezing temperatures again. i wanted to show you something about our rainfall total. we just ended the year a lot of us were close to where we should be. there's a lot of numbers here,
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let me roll through it. this is how much rain we received in december. this is how much rain we re received the entire year. most of us are 45% to 55% of our entire year's worth of rain fell in those 16 to 21 days in december. while it's grit, it's deceptive because it all fell at one tile instead of gradually over a couple of months. let me get out of the way so we can zoom down. the southern half of the state has a better than average chance of seeing precipitation. we have a chance of being above, below or on average. we are in the highest category of having above average temperatures. that will spread throughout the west with below average to the north. that means the storm track will be going to our north and slide noogt upper midwest. there's a split flow going to
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the south and sideliding along the southern california coast. hopefully we will get one or two storms to veer our way. right now bone dry out there. temperatures are slowly responding. mainly in the mid to upper 40s. let's look from emeryville. you can see how hazy it is. can't see much past treasure island. can't see the golden gate at all because of the haze. that will be around. not only now but through the weekend. bringing it with the warming trend. tonight is one of the last nights we will see and feel freezing temperatures inland. we may get one more night out of it. as we warm the afternoon highs, today in the mid to upper 50s. lows will start to gradually come up with them. tonight a lot of 20s in the north bay valleys, san ramon valley. 30s to 40s around the bayshore and the coast. look at these three areas of high pressure dominating our forecast. the jet stream well up to the north and diving into the upper
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midwest and missing us. if you're going to tahoe looks great. nice to see that snow up there compared to where we were this time last year. no snow for the foreseeable future. temperatures finally above freezing today after about 48 hours. we'll hit the low 50s to upper 40s by saturday. more 50s are on the way next week. we'll get our chance of warm weather starting tomorrow another spare the air day possible. we could have a string of them tuesday into wednesday. our next chance of rain will roll in thursday. that's also the next chance of snow for the sierra. not a big storm but at least it will clean our air out. >> thanks. it's billed as a musical comedy extravaganza set in medieval times. the new abc series "gallivant" will have you singing along. ♪ with destiny at your shoulder ♪ ♪ and the face most chicks have
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a thing about ♪ >> we had a chance to catch up with joshua sassy who plays the lead role. >> we don't want the prince to be the normal prince or the princess to be the normal princess or the knight. >> gallivant will feature guest appearances that include john stamos ricky gervais and hugh bonville from "downton abbey." >> the show had me at the first song. a musical fairytale how can it get better? >> a kid friendly pooch looking for a loving home. >> meet duke, this week's perfect pet and why this 9-year-old dachshund would be a good fit for your family.
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coming up at 4:00, there's formal opposition to san francisco's bid to host the 2024 summer olympics. at 4:00, why some think it's a aiblea horrible idea. and the backlash and the bid to storm the board of supervisors from a massive pay raise. that's later today. what is a great way to start the new year? >> friday's perfect pet?
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>> yes. >> hi mike. >> we have kelly duke from the humane humane society of silicon valley. hey. how are you? >> i'm okay. >> tell us about duke. this is duke, a 9-year-old dachshund mix, currently in his foster program. he's living in a home with another dog. he's dog friendly. no problem with dogs. house training. really good energy. a little bit older, which is a good age if you're looking for a dog that's fairly independent. you know pretty much knows who he is right now. >> no training really needed, he's been through that. >> he's been through all the hard stuff. great on a leash. loves to sit therein your lap as you can see. >> you said independent at times. >> independent, not needy. he needs to know where you are. other than that he can do his own thing. he loves to sunbathe. he finds a spot in your home
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with sun he could sit there all day. >> >> look at him. he's getting comfortable right here. >> he is. >> appreciate you being in. hope you had a good holiday. had a big event. >> we had a huge event home for the holidays was a huge success. we still have lots of dogs cats, rabbits, animals. if you're looking for an animal visit us. >> call 262-2133. what's that area code? >> 40 8. >> thanks, mike. from all of us thanks for being with us. >> "who wants to be a
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah, hey! hey, what's up? hello, and welcome to the show. i'm terry crews. you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine and i'm thrilled to also be here hosting millionaire. [cheers and applause] our returning contestant is obsessed with shoes. right now, he has 50 pairs but he's hoping to expand that collection infinitely. from newark, new jersey, please welcome david hall. oh, look at you. how you doing? >> hey, how are you doing? >> oh, come on over here. i understand the shoe obsession, my friend. >> yes, sir. >> i mean, where did it start? >> well, i've been in new york


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